SIngle Course

Intermediate English

The Intermediate Level is designed for individuals who have a basic understanding of the English language and are looking to further develop their language skills. This level is suitable for those who can communicate in everyday situations but want to enhance their proficiency and fluency.


At the Intermediate Level, you will build upon your existing knowledge and expand your vocabulary, grammar, and language structures. The focus will be on improving your listening comprehension, speaking accuracy, reading comprehension, and writing skills through a variety of engaging activities and interactive exercises.


Throughout the course, you will engage in discussions on various topics, express opinions, and engage in more complex conversations, you will delve deeper into grammar concepts, learn more advanced sentence structures, and develop your ability to express yourself with greater precision. You will also practice writing in different formats, such as emails, letters, and essays.


By the end of the Intermediate Level, you will be able to communicate more confidently and fluently in both formal and informal settings. You will have a broader range of vocabulary and a better understanding of complex grammar structures.

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